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Natural Spice oils and Essential oils are used to provide comfort and relaxation to your body. It can either be used alone or in combinations to create more effect. These oils are found in different parts of the plant such as the flowers, twigs, leaves and bark, or in the rind of fruit.

The entire range of our essential oils promises better oil color, oil consistency, perfumery note, strength of the initial aroma, wider uses, exact constituents and safety.

We are offering large range of Essential & Carrier Oils . Some of them are following: -
Essential     &  Carrier Oils

Ajowan oil

Hazel nut oil

Almond oil

Jasmine oil

Anethi oil

Jojoba oil

Aniseed oil

Juniper berry oil

Avacado oil

Lavender oil

Apricot oil

Lemon grass oil

Basil oil

Lime oil

Bergamot oil

Marigold oil

Black pepper oil

Macadamia nut oil

Borage oil 22% GLA

Mentha oil

Calamus oil

Nagarmotha oil

Camphor oil

Neem oil

Cardamomum oil

Nilgiri oil

Carrot seed oil

Nutmeg oil

Cedar wood oil

Oat flour

Chamomile oil

Olive oil

Cinnamon oil

Orange oil

Citronella oil

Patchouli oil

Clove bud oil

Pepperment oil

Clove oil

Pine oil

Clery seed oil

Pumpkin seed oil

Cumin seed oil

Rosemary oil

Cod Liver oil

Sandalwood oil

Dill seed oil

Seasame oil

Eucalyptus oil

Tea tree oil

Garlic oil

Terpentine oil

Gandhpura oil

Thyme oil

Geranium oil

Turmeric oil

Ginger oil

Vetever oil

Grape seed oil

Wintergreen oil

Gultheria oil

Walnut oil


Wheatgerm oil


Yalang yalang oil

» This is not a complete List .
» Our offers and quality are very attractive & satisfactory .



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